How to take care of makeup brushes

how to wash brush

Do you think!!! there is any women on this planet who do not use makeup. I don’t think so. Makeup is one of the necessary need of ‘Every’ women even if you use a daily cream or lip balm i also consider it a makeup. Doing Makeup is one of the art, and if you want to do that then you must have tools for doing such art. Following are the basic tools that are commonly used for makeup…!

  • Powder brush
  • Flat kabuki brush
  • Highlight brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Eye shadow brush
  • Blending Eye shadow brush
  • Flat definer brush
  • Angel-ed eyebrow brush
  • Lip brush
  • Brow and Lash brush

brushes list

How important it is to clean brush!

Here, i will discuss that, using such brushes in doing makeup will add beauty but at the same time it is also important to clean them if you are conscious about hygiene and skin. You never know what kind of bacteria is growing on your brushes.However, it’s not quite possible to do that because of our busy schedules, so a decent and reasonable time frame should be once a week.

cleaning brush

How to Clean Brushes!

Following are the steps that must be used to give life to your brushes and keep them bacteria free…!

  1. Select a cleanser you want to use for washing brushes, it can be a baby shampoo or dish washer.
  2. Put a drop on hand and gently rub the brush with hand.
  3. Wash with water on basin under tab.
  4. Lay them out on a paper towel to dry them out overnight.
  5. Re-shape them by lightly running your fingers over the brush tips to smooth it.
put a drop on hand
put a drop on hand
rub it on hand
wash it out
dry on paper towel

Well, I hope you understand how important it is to clean your brushes.
Clean your brushes and live a healthy life. 🙂


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