Latest Hijab Trend 2018


Every person know that Hijab is basically the veil that a women wear. Hijab keeps up the security and humility of Muslim lady when she grown up. It is the symbol of modesty and  Privacy of a Muslim Girl. The Holy Quran exhort a Muslim women to dress modestly, that’s why the hijab is the best option for all the Muslim young girls. According To Islam every women should cover their head and body.

What are the Latest Hijab Trends for 2018

Mostly Girls think wearing Hijab will make them ugly for such girls i would say this is wrong. Because, Hijab is also considered a fashion which should be followed as we follow other fashion trends. There are several ways to carry Hijab which can make you look decent. You can use scarves, dupatta, mufflers for this purpose.It enhances the overall personality of a girl and is also very comfortable to wear.
Following are the styles which you can follow in 2018 to look more Stylish and fashionable.

  • Hijab with Bows
  • Hijab with head Accessories
  • Turkish Hijab Style
  • Layered Hijab
  • Colorful Hijab with Simple Plain Dress
  • Match Hijab with your shoe
  • Braided Winter Hijab

1- Hijab with Bows

A bow can be tied with loose strands of hijab. Its all upon you where you want to tie it on the top or on the side.

Hijab with a Bow
Bow on Top
Bow on side

2- Hijab with head Accessories

If you are going for a party or wedding you can head accessories on the hijab and add glitz.

3- Turkish Hijab Style

It looks very elegant and stylish.

4- Layered Hijab

Chiffon scarves are best in summer. It is easy to carry because it is light weight and breathable you can also add layers to it. It is also good for short Height girls to maintain them.

5- Colorful Hijab with Simple Plain Dress

If you are wearing a simple plain dress it is good to use colorful hijab because it will enhance your personality.


6- Match Hijab with your shoe

In-spite of matching your shoe with your bag you can also match your shoe with your hijab.

7- Braided Hijab

By making a braid of hijab will not only make you classy but also make you comfortable as the strands of scarf will not disturb you on your chores and make you do your tasks easily.


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