40+ Latest, Unique and Elegant Mehndi Designs 2018

detailed Mehndi design
detailed Mehndi design

Mehndi is the symbol of occasions and celebrations in Asia. It beautifies the beauty of hands. It is the trademark of asian women and no women is completely ready without wearing mehndi. Latest designs of Mehndi for wedding and Mehndi for eid are available here. Weddings and festivals like Eid and many more looks lacking without mehndi as it is the old custom of every Asian country. Different designs of mehndi can be applied on hands feet wrists and fingers. Arabian Mehndi is considered to be applied to functions. Floral Pattern, Leafy pattern and unique Mehndi designs should be applied. Bridal Mehndi designs on hands arms feet are given. simple designs of mehndi on fingers is the demand of latest 2018. Here we have unique and elegant mehndi designs of 2018  which girls can wear for eid and weddings. 



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