Bosnia’s “Red women” Prepared Her Tomb Stone in Red.

red women
red women

Zorica Reyburnik has been wearing red clothing for the past 40 years, and almost all of her home appliances are red.

red women

She has ordered red granite from India and carved the title of his and her husband’s grave on it.
Zorica, always dressed in red, is now famous all over Bosnia. They also drink water in red glass and also dye her hair in red.

red home

She said the sudden idea of turning them red came when She was eighteen years old, She had a strong desire to wear red and now the lights in her house are red
and all the curtains and clothes in that house are red too.”
She said that wearing red gives her strength and therefore her health is good.
Even if a gift is removed from the red she rejects it. And so on, she goes to the funeral dressed in red.

Source: Express news


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