Women Rights Leadership


“Leadership Skills of Young Women” enabling them to act as agents of change for addressing Violence against Women and for promoting the human rights of young women. This program is increasing women’s empowerment by expanding knowledge of their rights, skills, and opportunities to exercise their rights in the workplace, community, and home. Through this program Aware Girls seeks to facilitate behavioral change in society by enabling young women to access information, decision making resources and institutions, and improve societal attitudes towards women’s rights issues.

Women Clubs have been established in the communities, thus a total 35 clubs will be established, each having at least 30 young women members.

“Leadership for Women Rights” pieces of training are conducted with the “Girl Power Clubs” to strengthen the leadership skills of young women enabling them to speak for their rights and combat the issue of gender-based violence. The role of these clubs is to raise awareness in the communities about women’s human rights and the laws/institutions which protect women’s rights.

Due to awareness and attitude transformation interventions, young women reached through the program have started speaking about their issues and concerns. Women victims of gender-based violence are linked to the Helpline of AWARE GIRLS which provides referral services (Shelter, Medical aid); legal support and counseling to the women who are victims of gender based violence.


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