Kubra Khan Don’t want to be afraid with Allah when she died


London Actress Kubra Khan has said that she does not want to be afraid to face her Lord when she dies. The actress who showed the essence of acting in films like “Kubra Khan” quickly gained popularity in the showbiz industry. These days, his drama is being broadcast on “A” private channel in which he plays the role of a woman named Hassan Jahan.
In an interview recently, Kubra Khan talked about his play ‘Alf’ and the changes in his life. Kubra Khan said that drama “A” is a gift to Allah and this drama is currently available to him. Or when she was having problems in her life and distancing herself from people.

Talking about the positive changes in her life, Kubra Khan said that every human being suffers from a situation in her life, even when she was thinking that she wants to be part of this industry. can get 50 awards today, get an Oscar, but if I’m not a good person, it doesn’t mean money and materialism are all part of the world. I can’t take them with me. No matter, but I realized I couldn’t take these things anywhere with me.

these awards have nothing to do with God, and perhaps because of that thought, I realize that on the deathbed, I don’t want to afraid to go before my Lord. Telling that, Kubra Khan says when he had the script, he either loves Hassan Jahan’s character because in many places his life is connected to Hassan Jahan’s character.

people don’t know about the lives of those working in the showbiz, nobody knows how we are in our private lives, how much we worship, how we relate to God. I think people have a misconception about us that they belong to showbiz, they are wrong, they are corrupt, but this is not true.

Kubra said I love art. I wear western-style clothes, listen to music, but as long as my intention is right and I don’t know if everything is fine and I feel I can maintain balance in my life, Okay, maybe I’ll just leave it all


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