Octopus Lips Trend in Russian Women


Women in many countries of the world are currently sporting curly edges of lips. That is also known as octopus or satanic lips.

Many Russian women and girls are posting pictures of their curly and wavy lips on Social Media.

There is a lot’s of People are reacting to the images in which the lips are being specialized by allegedly filling a makeup or material on the edge of the lips

But no one knows who is behind all of this different makeup. However, some experts say that Russian plastic surgeon Emilian Broude has begun the fashion, which has now spread. Whatever is it whoever is responsible for it, now the half-itchy lips fashion has become a topic of debate on a media platform and people have been criticizing it.

But before you look further, you guys have to know that some experts have termed this trend as an eyesore. They believe that the edges of human lips cannot be molded into these shapes, but other experts insist that this is possible but it will be a very dangerous process because it requires them to fill such material by injecting it into the lips.


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