A mother made a shape of itself on cardboard for vulnerable child.



Young children want to see their mother every time but if they don’t see them they start crying and try to find her so they can go to the mother and for this, a Japanese woman think about cardboard and she made her own primitive poster, full of reality, and put it in each room in the house in case of a cutout.

In Japan, a couple found that their young child started crying every time when she doesn’t see her mother, and due to this her mother can not work. Resolving this, a woman named Fuki Setu underwent a brainstorming experiment. She thinks about cardboard and made a shape of itself on cardboard and place in each room. So her child can see her again and again and never cry.

This work for almost twenty minutes. The mother’s young child sees this picture for almost twenty minutes. but when he observed that she is not his mother and started crying again and again.

But according to Fuki Setu, these twenty minutes are too much because in twenty minutes she can perform other tasks.


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