Due To Husband Bad Behaviour, Wife Sold Her Husband


Nairobi: A  few days ago, In Nairobi, a woman sold her husband.  The women are from  Kenyan resident and she sold her cheating husband to his girlfriend for only a US $17. In Pakistan its only 2600 rupees.

The woman’s name is Edna Makwana and she suspected that her husband had a girlfriend. She continued to live under her vigil and one day she caught her husband with his girlfriend.

First, she beat her husband out of the house and told him not to show her face for a week. Then she turned to her husband’s girlfriend and told her that she could buy her boyfriend forever by paying 2000 Kenyan shillings.

 The girlfriend was surprised started steamrolling and eventually, the deal was settled at 1700 Canyon Shillings.

The woman bought new clothes for her children on the New Year and is now living a happy life without her husband.

When her story was published on social media, someone asked if she would like to buy her husband again. In response, the woman said: “I have no desire to waste my new year!”


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